Famous 48 – Where Can I Find Classic Arizona Dishes in Scottsdale?

The spirit of Arizona is unlike anything else in the world. Whether you’re looking to experience soaring natural vistas or wander through a charming town, the 48th state has everything you could ever wish for. At Famous 48, we pay homage to our unique Southwestern culture through our carefully constructed menu. Our classic Arizona dishes seek to evoke the feeling of the state, letting our patrons experience everything it has to offer with all their senses at once.

Start with a Drink—Or Two!

Before your food, why don’t you sample our hand-crafted, Arizona-inspired drinks? We’re proud to offer an extensive beer and wine list, featuring many locally sourced options from nearby breweries and vineyards.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more kick to it, our cocktail menu is sure to please. The Famous 48 mixologists have taken the classics and put an unmistakably Arizona spin on them, creating the perfect balance between the familiar and the unexpected. If you’re a whiskey sipper, you might want to sample the F48 Old Fashioned. Or if you’re interested in something a bit lighter with a fruity bite, you may find the Prickly Pear Lemondrop to your taste. We even have a wide array of variations on the Moscow Mule. Whatever refreshments you might want, we have something that’s sure to appeal.

Whet Your Appetite with Some Appetizers

One of life’s purest pleasures is snacking. So regardless of whether you come into Famous 48 for a full meal or just our happy hour, our bite-sized Arizona dishes are delicious from the first bite to the last. You can split an order of our skillet cornbread, a Southwestern classic served with apple butter and local honey.

Or maybe you’d like to try something a bit more artisanal? Our chefs have carefully constructed takes on classic cuisine, but with their own regional innovations. You may have had deviled eggs in the past, but you haven’t had anything like our Sun Deviled Eggs. With the addition of jalapenos and sugar-cured bacon, it’s a fresh new take on a dish everyone knows.

If you’d like something more inventive still, you may be due for an order of our Southwest Egg Rolls. Grilled chicken, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, and pepper jack cheese all await you in a crispy fried package, along with delicious tomatillo salsa. With appetizers as good as this, you’ll need some serious discipline if you’re going to have room for the main course.

Some Greenery in the Desert

Just because our state has a reputation of being a dry and arid place, that doesn’t mean we can’t serve a bright, fresh salad that captures the essence of any true Arizona dishes. Our Famous House Salad features vibrant mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cheese, and cucumbers, along with sweet and crunchy cornbread croutons, tossed in the dressing of your choice. Our kitchen has also prepared its own take on the Caesar salad, adding in charred Brussels sprouts as well as cornbread croutons to create a much smokier affair than the standard version.

We’ve also put our own spin on the classic chopped salad, in the form of the Scottsdale Chopped. With cotija cheese, bacon, egg, and avocado, you’ll find the same notes of a chopped salad dancing with a whole new rhythm. And if you’d like, we’re more than happy to add your choice of chicken, steak, or salmon to any of our salads. Who says a salad can’t be a full meal, anyway?

Burgers and Sandwiches with Southwest Flair

Any true neighborhood tavern boasts an impressive array of burgers and sandwiches you can sink your teeth into, and we’re no exception. The difference comes in the artistry and care we put into our offerings, elevating standard pub fair into Arizona dishes that are second to none. Instead of the same old burger you’ve had everywhere else, we offer our Famous Burger. Ground chuck, lettuce, tomato, white cheddar, dill pickles, and mouthwatering bacon jam, all stacked between two halves of a brioche bun, come together to make a burger all our own.

If that all sounds great except for the meat, try our AZ Veggie Burger. Our kitchen puts just as much love into our vegetarian options as our carnivorous ones, so whether you’ve given up meat entirely or just want a break, you can still count on a great meal. After all, just because you don’t want to eat meat doesn’t mean you should be denied the experience of a mouthwatering burger.

Or maybe you’re not in the mood for a burger? If so, our Havasu Hot Chicken Sandwich, Gainey Grilled Chicken Sandwich, or the decadent and savory Western Prime Dip is sure to entice. You’ll never look at bar classics the same way again!

Suit Up for Your Main Course

Eating dinner out should always feel like a special occasion, the food, drinks, and atmosphere all coming together to create a memorable and enjoyable evening for everyone at your table. At Famous 48, we aspire to give you a dining experience that you’ll want to come back for again and again.

For dinner, we offer a wide array of Arizona dishes for people of all palates. For lighter fare, you might try our grilled salmon, served with lemon beurre blanc, cilantro-lime rice, and garlic broccoli.

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