Pacific Beach Shore Club

The Shore Club is steps from the beach, at the intersection of Grand Avenue and the Strand.

Pacific Beach Shore Club is a classical styled beach bar. What is unique about the restaurant is that no matter where you are standing or sitting you have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The open windows provide the freshest ocean breeze possible. Further, by combining the delicious tastes of the sea, prepared with classic Mexican flair, our casual ambiance of a beachfront party is the destination to take in the California surf culture.

Take a seat at our old school Butcher Block bar, enjoying the biggest, coldest schooner full of beer that the beach can offer or enjoy the best view of the Pacific Ocean on the entire beach. The Pacific Beach Shore Club provides you with the perfect setting for the ultimate beach dining and drinking experience.

Bringing back the days when surfing was your job and the beach was your home.

Pacific Beach Shore Club

4343 Ocean Blvd
Pacific Beach, CA 92109

(858) 272-7873